I am a lover of learning, language, and life. As a former student and teacher of literature, I explored the power of metaphors, imagery, symbols, word choice and voice not only in written works but also in everyday events. In mapping the meaning along my own adventures, I came to realize that we are all the authors of our own stories, not simply readers or characters in somebody else’s.  We all have the right and ability to rewrite our individual realities and co-author our collective reality.

After a world wind tour, I landed in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada to heal from a series of life’s lessons I had accumulated along the way. Finally, I was in a safe space to unpack my baggage and decide which beliefs and behaviours to keep and which were no longer relevant to my current circumstances or the direction I was heading.

Healing, though, was a journey in itself. After researching and experiencing several holistic healing modalities, I finally discovered which method made the greatest difference for me given my unconscious mind was telling a drastically different (and more dramatic) story than my conscious mind;  I enrolled in an intensive Neuro Linguistic Programming course.

My next adventure is to help others rewrite their unconscious beliefs and behaviours in order to re-vision the life they would like to live.

Kat Warman

Paper “Credentials”

I have a  with a concentration in multicultural and transnational literature (postcolonial perspective), a  with a teaching certificate and a minor in psychology, a certificate in Ecopsychological Writing from , a Practitioner Certificate in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Time-Based Therapy from .

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